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Senior Medical Writer / Senior Medical Copywriter

Do you have what it really takes to be our monster in the making?

The job is full-time, permanent, flexible, remote working, for 37.5* hours/week.

We're interested in individuals. The ones that think different, that break the mould, that go against the grain. 

​Desired experience:

  • A life sciences undergraduate degree

  • A life sciences PhD

  • 5 years of healthcare/pharmaceutical writing experience in an agency environment

  • Previously managed junior writers

  • Advanced Word and PowerPoint skills

  • Good knowledge of the strict regulations in pharmaceuticals, with experience working to ABPI and other codes of practice

Essential attributes:

  • Strong dislike of the tube and/or traffic jams

  • Open to receiving paid overtime

  • Willing to put your own life first

  • Proactive, meticulous, with a sense of humour

Word Monster will become the go-to writing agency that supports other healthcare agencies, research organisations and charities.


We’re an enormous fan of freedom in the workplace, so there are only three things to remember:

  1. Write With Bite (so we do great work and continue to build our reputation)

  2. Write for 7.5 hours of project work every day, and no more [unless you’re particularly keen for paid overtime] (so we get paid)

  3. Keep our clients happy (so we continue to get paid)

Write With Bite means to make your words simple, interesting, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional and to tell a story – so that your words resonate and stick in the mind. Write With Bite is what’s known as our Commander’s Intent. It is the core of every order. It specifies both the plan and the desired end-state of any and all projects.

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